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2023 Election: APC Moves Against Wike In Rivers, Reveals What Its Members Would Do Next



BREAKING: Wike Ignores PDP, Endorses APC Candidate For Governor Amid Party Crisis

2023 Election: APC has moved against Wike in Rivers and revealed what its members would do next.

News ToGo reports that the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State has vowed to mobilize and go against the order given by Governor Nyesom Wike banning rallies in public schools. The part revealed that it has made plans to campaign in all 23 local government areas of the state in accordance with the law.

The APC governorship candidate in the oil-rich state, Tonye Cole on Sunday, stated that the recent signing of executive order 21 by the governor was to stifle the political space for opposition parties in the state. Cole in the statement signed by the spokesman of his campaign, Sogbeye Eli, alleged that the 23 LGA chairmen have been directed to enforce the ‘draconian’ order in their domains.

“The Chairmen of the 23 Local Government Councils in the State who have been directed by the Governor to enforce his punitive and draconian directive under Executive Order 21 are hereby put on notice. That APC shall campaign with our candidates across the length and breadth of Rivers State as provided under the constitution and as prescribed by law.

“We will neither succumb to intimidation nor accept the presentation of a fait accompli by Executive Order 21 to political parties other than the Peoples Democratic Party on which platform they and the Governor were elected in the first place. We draw the attention of those to whom it may concern that the enforcement of that Order howsoever by the Council Chairmen would amount to a brazen affront on our constitutional rights as political parties and a campaign organization.

We urge them to resist the lure of exercise of power that can only result in anarchy from the resistance of the parties and candidates targeted by the obnoxious Executive Order 21.”

Cole called on party members and Rivers people to be calm, saying, “In 2023 we will have the opportunity to at long last, after nearly a decade in leadership wilderness, where hopelessness, joblessness and wickedness have been the order of the day, have the opportunity to freely choose their own leader, The Punch reports. The party went ahead to oppose the 5 million non-refundable fee the order imposes before an approval is given to anybody that plans to use the public facilities.


2023: Peter Obi Moving Closer To Victory As Atiku, Tinubu Kick



2023: Peter Obi Moving Closer To Victory As Atiku, Tinubu Kick

Peter Obi is gradually inching closer to victory ahead of the presidential election.

News ToGo reports that the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, was initially an underrated contestant. The reasons were obvious. Some of them are discussed below.

First, he was a first-timer. First-timers in Nigerian elections are usually not seen as forces to reckon with. They are always seen as inexperienced and people to beat easily.

Secondly, Obi is from the South East which is smaller compared to other zones. South East is the only geo-political zone in Nigeria that has just five states. On the other hand, other zones have six states each with the North West having seven states making it the highest. This factor seems to put the former Anambra Governor in disadvantage.

Another strong reason Obi was not initially rated high in the race was that he is contesting on a smaller party, LP. LP could be seen as both smaller and weaker when compared with the two main political parties that his major rival are contesting under. Many people mocked Obi’s ambition saying that he would lose because LP has no political structures. Others said that LP has no officeholders in power at the local government, state, and federal levels. That is true but Obi’s case seems different.

Most importantly, Obi was not seen as a threat because he does not have deep financial pocket like the presidential candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and that of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. In a country like Nigeria, money counts so much during campaign and election periods.

However, despite all these odds, Obi has now become a top contender in the race. His popularity has soared making the camps of Tinubu and Atiku to see him as a strong opponent that can pull a surprise. Nigerians have come to rate hi higher and see him as a contender to watch out for.

What really changed the game?

For a start, Obi appealed to the Nigerian youth. The youth have a huge number in Nigeria. Many of them embraced Obi’s candidacy and have been pushing his campaign both online and offline. Some of them use their personal resources to mobilize for him. They call them selves OBIdient. Having the strong support of many of the youth is a big advantage that increased Obi’s popularity.

Again, Obi has won many of the pre-election polls. This has also increased his rating ahead of the contest. He won MTI, ANAP, and other pre-election polls. Whether the polls are very credible or not, they remain ways of ascertaining what Nigerian voters think. He did not only one poll. Rather, he has won many of the polls far more than any other candidate in the race.

Moreover, Obi has received endorsements from key leaders. While each of the candidates have been endorsed by some groups, Obi has won the endorsements of influential leaders in Nigeria. Examples are: former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, South South Leader, Chief Edwin Clark, Afenifere Leader, Pa Ayo Adebanjo among others. Many religious Leaders and popular Pastors have invited Obi to their Church programmes and spoke glowingly about him.

All these mean a lot to his presidential bid. Tinubu and Atiku have kicked over and over again. Their camps have knocked Obi’s presence in Church programmes. They also criticized the polls Obi won. They still kicked when he was endorsed by Obasanjo and others. That has been a trend from his main rivals whenever Obi gets a boost.

In any case, each of them stands a good chance of winning the election. This is because they are influential in their own ways. Each of them has his own supporters mobilizing for him. But, one thing is clear. Obi has gradually transformed from a candidate that was underrated to a top contender who may be on his way to victory amid kicks by other top opponents.

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