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4 Top Success Secrets You Should Know



4 Top Success Secrets You Should Know

I always wanted to share these secrets with you.

On this occasion of my birthday, I have decided to share these success tips rather than sounding emotional or just excited. These are some tips to succeed that I learned over the years, and some of them are lessons I learned the hard way. However, I am sharing them with you all – fresh graduates, mid-level staff, and others who care to learn- so that you do not necessarily need to learn them the hard way.

These are the tips:

1. Never relax even if your job pays well

This is a reality that many people may take for granted. Having a good-paying job is never the destination but a stepping stone to becoming who you dream to be. If you become very comfortable and relax, just know that anything can happen in a short time or a little longer.

The company may reduce salary or lay off staff, you may get more financial responsibilities, inflation may rise higher etc. Anything can just happen and disrupt the status quo throwing you off balance. Moreover, other colleagues of yours or even your junior ones might have upgraded while you chose to remain in your comfort zone. Always think of the next higher level you can attain. Be hungry to advance. That is the key.

2. Keep learning to improve yourself

Prioritize self-improvement. This is very important as doing so helps you to prepare for the future. In this regard, make learning new skills your top priority because skills open doors beyond mere certificates/degrees. Learn relevant skills that may cut across other fields that are of great interest in this rapidly changing world driven by technological innovation.

Further education and more certifications
Additionally, you can go further academically. If you have a first degree, nothing stops you from enrolling to obtain a Masters degree to give you an edge above many other people. You can also take courses and get relevant certifications that will attest to your constant self-improvement. Keep improving yourself because such investments will continue to pay you all your life.

3. Build your portfolio
Your portfolio is a very vital asset apart from your CV. Imagine being wowed reading an impressive portfolio of an individual you do not even know who has done amazing things with evidence to show for his/her accomplishments. The next thing you would want to do, especially if you are an employer in need of the services such a person renders, is to contact that person. A somewhat wise saying in Pidgin that still trends goes this way, ”You go explain tire, no evidence” (meaning, ”You will explain and get tired, no evidence”). To avoid long explanation to recruiting agents, HR Managers and employers, build your portfolio and highlight you achievements, especially the outstanding ones. Doing so will sell you and may even keep making employers to poach you if you know your onions.

The challenge and suggestion
Building a portfolio may be a little challenging. So, start building it gradually by adding any significant accomplishment you make. If you keep doing so one by one, by the time you check your portfolio after a few months or years, you will be amazed at how much achievements you have made. You will simply be very proud of yourself.

4. Decide if you have a future at your place of work

This particular point is may come off as a tall order to some people but it is a very momentous decision that can significantly impact your professional growth and your future in a few months or years to come. Based on learning and person to person interaction to get peoples’ opinions, I suggest that 3-6 months (or by extension one year) on the job is reasonably good to determine if you have a future in an organisation.

Things to consider before deciding if you have a future at a place of work
Things to consider to help you in deciding if you have a future at your place of work include: (a) The company’s values and culture (b) The managerial style in relating with staff (Theory X aka conservative/anti-staff welfare theory vs Theory Y aka liberal/pro-welfare theory. (c) The company’s structure (hierarchical order). (d) The growth prospects in the company (e) The company’s plans for staff training and development. (f). How important the company takes staff welfare. (g). The alignment of the company and its operations with your career goals. (h). The conduciveness or otherwise of the working environment (a toxic work environment is a red flag). The list is not exhaustive but it is meant to provide a guide.

Interestingly, I think this piece may continue so that I can treat other aspects. However, I believe the four points I discussed above will be useful to you, especially the new entrants into the working population and other mid-level staff trying to navigate their career and find their feet in their quest to make it in their chosen profession.

Sharing these tips does not mean that I have reached my own destination. No, I am still on that journey but I feel that it is great to share my lessons which are now cherished success secrets so that we will progress together because I believe in ”rising by lifting others.”

It’s my birthday.
This is my little way of sharing love, genuine concern about you and wishing you well in your chosen career.
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Impeachment Move: Insiders Reveal Areas Of Clash Of Interest Between Wike, Fubara



Impeachment Move: Insiders Reveal Areas Of Clash Of Interest Between Wike, Fubara

Supporters of Governor Sim Fubara from Rivers State have highlighted the challenges their leader is facing in his relationship with his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, who currently serves as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

News ToGo learned that according to Fubara’s loyalists, Wike continues to wield significant influence over the state, raising several concerns. They mentioned the areas of clash of interest between them which reportedly contributed to the impeachment move against the Governor.

Interference in Appointments: Fubara’s loyalists assert that Wike plays a substantial role in state appointments, often influencing and approving key positions. The insiders claim that appointed officials, as instructed, monitor Governor Fubara’s activities. This indicates a level of control over staffing decisions within the administration.

Financial Oversight: Claims suggest that Wike closely monitors Fubara’s financial transactions, hinting at interference or oversight in the state’s financial management. This situation raises questions about the autonomy of fiscal matters under Fubara’s governance.

Directives to Commissioners: The Governors men who pleaded anonymity alleged that Wike continues to issue directives to commissioners in Rivers State, conflicting with the decisions and orders made by Governor Fubara. This dynamic indicates a potential power struggle and conflicting instructions within the state government.

Travel Restrictions: Fubara’s ability to travel outside the state, whether for official duties or personal reasons, is reportedly restricted due to the unavailability of the state-owned private jet. Allegedly, this limitation arises from claims that the jet is under Wike’s control, hindering Fubara’s mobility.


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IMPEACHMENT: Two Actions Fubara Took That Turned Wike Against Him



BREAKING: Fubara Survives Impeachment Move As Lawmakers Make U-Turn

Political crisis has been raging in the oil-rich Rivers State due to disagreement between two key camps.

News ToGo gathered that the problem was reportedly caused by a disagreement between the current Governor, Siminalayi Fubara, and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike. Wike is the current Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

This article highlight the two actions Fubara took that reportedly turned Wike against him amid serious moves to impeach him.

1. Appointment of new commissioners without Wike’s backing

Reports suggest that this development did not go down well with Wike. Fubara earlier inaugurated 14 commissioners with portfolios in his cabinet but after much criticism from the opposition camps, the governor then inaugurated another five commissioners who were screened and confirmed by the State House of Assembly. The feud between Governor Fubara and his predecessor, Wike, became obvious after the swearing-in of the commissioners.

Meanwhile, the former Governor expected that he should have input in deciding those to emerge as Commissioners. Probably feeling sidelined, he was miffed that Fubara had other reasons for his action.

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2. Reviving Amaechi’s legacy

It is no news that Wike and his own predecessor, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, do not see eye to eye. Their political rivalry have lingered for years and defied all known solutions. However, Governor Fubara was also reported to have moved to revived Shonghai Farm and other programmes expected to benefit the people of the state.

But the Shonghai Farm was a project started by former Governor Amaechi, who served as Minister of Transportation under the immediate past administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

READ ALSO: Impeachment Move: Insiders Reveal Areas Of Clash Of Interest Between Wike, Fubara

Since Amaechi is a strong political rival of Wike in the state, it was perceived that Governor Fubara was not expected to have made such move that would make it appear likely that he may switch camps. This again did not help matters.

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YAKUBU GOWON: End Of Confusion As The Gowon Who Died Is Identified



YAKUBU GOWON: End Of Confusion As The Gowon Who Died Is Identified

There was confusion over the report that General Yakubu Gowon was dead.

News ToGo reports that some platforms had earlier on Monday reported that Gowon, a former Head of State of Nigeria died at 89. However, that report has been debunked by Gowon via a statement by his aide, Adeyeye E. Ajayi mni.

Meanwhile, the Gown that died has been identified amid the confusion trailing the name borne by the two different individuals.

According to findings, another prominent man who died two days ago bears the name Gowon. He was the immediate past Chairman of the Committee of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities (CVCNUs) and former Vice-Chancellor of Niger Delta University, Emeritus Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor.

He died in Lagos early on Saturday, October 7, at the age of 53. Edoumiekumor, a professor of economics and social sciencist, passed away from complications related to lung cancer.

The General Secretary of CVCNUs, Prof. Yakubu Ochefu, announced the news when asked about the committee’s decision on something else regarding public university education in the country.

He said, “I’m sorry, we just lost one of our members, who was the immediate past Chairman of the Committee of VCs and also the immediate past Vice-Chancellor of Niger Delta University, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumiekumor.

He handed over the chairmanship of the committee to the incumbent in May this year after successfully completing his tenure.

“So, I’m not in the right frame of mind to talk about what you asked me right now. “His death is shocking to us and to me in particular,” Ochefu stressed.

CVCNU’s scribe added, “Prof. Edoumiekumor was a young and respected scholar and administrator.

Many Nigerians might have confused the two individuals thereby fueling the false reports that Gowon (Ex-Head of State) was dead when he is actually alive and well. His timely disclaimer helped to clarify the issue.

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