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About Us is an online news medium which focuses on giving you news on the go about happenings around you.

As a responsible modern media, we view news gathering and delivery in a different and creative way. We know about the fake news issues witnessed in some online media platforms, as a result, we are determined to do things differently and inform our readers correctly. We believe that new reporting should be better at in this modern age where technology has made a lot of things better.

Our team at NewsToGo Nigeria gives reliable and relevant Nigerian, African and global news in a simple and comprehensible format so as to carry all our various readers along and make the news to be meaningful to them.

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable journalists and editors in our newsroom. In addition to this, our cooperation with some of the credible and reputable news agencies in Nigeria and outside will come in handy as we cover and deliver reports to our readers about events in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

All contents on are verified and useful to readers. They are published after careful evaluation and selection based on sound judgment of our seasoned editors. It means we delivers content you can trust as a reader.

NewsToGo Nigeria team is aware of the power the media possess and the key roles the media play including the ability to influence people’s decision as individuals and groups as well as how these can have effects on the society. This is why we have decided to help in making the society better through factual, responsible and useful news reporting which can positively impact the lives of the people.