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ASUU: Workers Group Call For The Occupation Of All Federal Secretariats To Make FG End The Strike



ASUU: Workers Group Call For The Occupation Of All Federal Secretariats To Make FG End The Strike

ASUU: Workers Group has called for the occupation of all Federal Secretariats to make FG end the strike.

News ToGo gathered that the group, All Workers Convergence (AWC), has described the government’s failure to meet the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to end the ongoing strike as an invitation to revolution. The group said the federal government, through its action and approach, has taken Nigerians for granted and become a bully, according to Sahara Reporters.

To this end, AWC declared that the time was ripe to occupy all federal government secretariats across the country.

It said, “Some students have done well to organize pockets of protest nationwide. We call on Nigerians for more organized protest and collective strike in solidarity with ASUU. We call on Nigerians to occupy all federal government secretariats nationwide until the government meets up with the genuine demands of ASUU.

“These actions shall be immediate and spontaneous. Wherever we are across the federation, let’s find our ways to the nearest federal government secretariat and occupy it.

“#OccupyAllFederalSecretariat to make government #AnswerASUU. Perhaps, when we shut down all federal government secretariats nationwide, let’s see if the government will not answer ASUU. In Solidarity.”

The AWC in a statement by its coordinator and immediate past chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Oyo State Council, Comrade Andrew Emelieze, also expressed surprise that the government is not showing any sign of commitment to resolving the crisis.

According to the group, rather, the government is trying to bully its way to get what it wants by using different forms of intimidation.

The statement on Wednesday read, “No sane society will tolerate what we are accepting in Nigeria. While Nigerians patiently wait for the resolution of the lingering ASUU strike, we are surprised that our government is not showing any sign of commitment towards the resolution of the crisis, instead, the government is trying to bulldoze her way through different forms of intimidation thus acting like a bully.

“Instead of evolving rational ways to quickly resolve the imbroglio, the government has resorted to using unwarranted threats to compel the striking lecturers to call off the strike. Our government has been embarrassing herself through the unnecessary blackmail of ASUU and the unpopular court assertion that is being used to wanting to bully ASUU.

“In an attempt to continue to bully ASUU, our government has registered some industrial unions to counter ASUU. This to us is childish, funny, ridiculous and a confirmation that the government is not ready to resolve this crisis.

“Registering more industrial unions now also shows that our government is shameless and conscienceless. This act is defeatist and equally primitive. It shows clearly that the government lacks the sophistry to march up with ASUU. To also hear that Dr. Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour walked out on ASUU is regrettably a confirmation of the bully nature of the government replica of a jungle relationship totally lacking in civility.

“What the government does not know is that no responsible government will allow its ivory towers to be shut down for almost eight months. Our government is taking Nigerians for granted, and they are taking liberty for licence; the closure of our universities for this long is enough to steer a revolution.

“The way the government has handled the ASUU strike has fully shown that the government in Nigeria is a total failure and that nothing good can come from this government. Sometimes one is also compelled to believe that the government is deliberately prolonging the strike in order to kill public education in Nigeria.

“While we blame the government for the protracted strike, we will not but also blame ourselves for the poor public response towards this strike. Labour had earlier promised a nationwide sympathy strike but failed. The civil society was equally not able to call for a national action in support of ASUU.

“As a matter of fact, we have all acted as if it is normal to have this ugly situation. Even the response from students has been very conservative and reactionary, instead of calling on government to “ANSWER ASUU” our students were demanding for “END ASUU STRIKE PERMANENTLY”.

It is not clear if the Federal Government will heed ASUU demands or proceed to break the strike using its newly registered unions such as the CONUA and others. Again, will Nigerian undergraduate students join this AWC struggle to end the strike? Time will tell.


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Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Check 2023 WAEC Results



Easy Step-By-Step Guide To Check 2023 WAEC Results

Easy step-by-step guide to check 2023 WAEC results can be accessed below.

News ToGo reports that the West African Examination Council, WAEC, released the result for 2023 candidate on Monday August 7.

Head of National Office, WAEC, Patrick Areghan confirmed this development. He explained that, “Out of a total of 1,613,733 candidates that sat for the examination, the results of 262,803 candidates are being withheld due to reports of cases of examination malpractice.”

As a result, many people out there are having difficulty in checking the result. This article will help you in doing that. Carefully read and follow the step-by-step instructions on how to check your results.

How to check WAEC results with SMS

1. Using your mobile device, Type WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear

2. Send to 32327

3. You will receive a message instantly containing your WAEC statement of result.

Please note, only MTN, Glo & Airtel Subscribers can actually check their WAEC Results using this SMS method.

Note: If you did not receive your WAEC result via SMS, kindly repeat this step again.

SMS charges will be applied when checking your WASSCE result using text messages.

How to check via the Website

To check your WAEC Result, visit and log in.

Please note: you may need a WAEC scratch card to check. Follow the procedures below to check your WAEC result for 2023.

1.     Login to WAEC Result Checker Website

2.     Enter your Examination Number

3.     Select Examination Type e.g May/June

4.     Select Exams Year e.g 2023

5.     Click on Check Result.

Please, ensure that you follow the steps carefully to check your result. You can take screenshot for easy reference, and print it the page for official purposes. Share this post to help others.

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Why SOP Can Make Or Mar Your Chances To Study Abroad



Why SOP Can Make Or Mar Your Chances To Study Abroad

SOP known as Statement Of Purpose serves as a pivotal tool in emphasizing your eligibility for a program and distinguishing you from fellow candidates. Within the intricate web of factors influencing candidate selection, a meticulously crafted SOP holds significant sway. Unlike the concrete and objective nature of academic records, exam scores, transcripts, and backlog certificates, the SOP stands as the solitary subjective facet of your application.

News ToGo gathered that this dynamic document extends a unique opportunity to paint a subjective canvas of your aspirations and qualifications, further elevating its importance. Acting as a personal manifesto, the SOP allows you to articulate your envisioned goals and ambitions directly to the discerning eyes of the admissions committee. This exchange, in turn, empowers the committee to weigh your compatibility with the desired program.

In the intricate tapestry of the admission process, the SOP unfurls as a key determinant, offering a window into your personality, values, and aspirations. It melds your past achievements with future aspirations, presenting a holistic view that mere transcripts cannot encapsulate. It is in this realm of subjective expression that you truly stand apart. While your academic achievements are tangible, the SOP bestows upon you the platform to express your passion, resilience, and potential contributions to the academic community.

Consider it as a literary handshake – an introduction to the multidimensional persona that is seeking admission. Crafting an SOP requires thoughtful introspection, compelling narratives, and a seamless integration of past experiences with future aspirations. With eloquence and precision, you have the chance to elucidate how the program aligns with your career path and how you, in turn, can enrich the program through your unique perspective.

In the larger landscape of application components, the SOP’s significance cannot be understated. It holds the potential to sway decisions, creating an indelible mark that transcends statistical data. When meticulously composed, the SOP is a testament to your ability to articulate your worth, beyond the confines of scores and transcripts.

In summation, the SOP emerges as a beacon of individuality in the application process. It defies objectivity, providing a platform for your narrative to unfurl. A well-crafted SOP resonates as a mirror reflecting your aspirations, values, and the distinctiveness you bring to the program. It remains a dynamic instrument, not only showcasing your qualifications but also encapsulating the essence of your academic journey and future ambitions.

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BREAKING: Mmesoma Accused Of Forging JAMB Result Opens Up (VIDEO)



Mmesoma To Serve Punishment From JAMB As Panel Indicts Her Over Fake Result

Mmesoma has spoken after being accused of forging her JAMB result.

News ToGo learned that Mmesoma reportedly forged her JAMB result after the exam body spoke on the issue yesterday. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had denied that she scored 362 insisting that her real score was 249.

However, Mmesoma Ejikema has denied the allegation. She spoke in a video, expressing surprises that a result she reportedly printed out from the JAMB portal could be termed by the examination board as fake. The candidate, who said she was traumatised by the claim made by JAMB, described herself as a brilliant student, saying she is not capable of doing what JAMB accused her of doing.

In the video, Ejikeme said: “I am the owner of this result. I went to JAMB portal to print this result and this is what they gave me. This is the result here. It is my aggregate, 362. This is exactly how I downloaded it from that site. So, they (JAMB) now saying I forged my result is what I don’t know; and I’m traumatised that they accused me of forging my own result.

“I am not capable of forging results. This is the evidence. The QR code on the result was scanned and it showed another name, a Yoruba name, Omotola Afolabi, 138. That same person that got 138, they checked again and the person scored 238; meaning that there is problem somewhere.”

Ejikeme explained that she was at the office of the Anambra Commissioner of Education on Friday with her secondary school principal and the education Secretary.

“We showed this result to the Commissioner of Education, both this one and the SMS they sent to me. So, she snapped it and sent to the JAMB officials. They called back, saying that this was a forged result, that I forged it myself, that the JAMB office doesn’t have a record of this. “They called the DSS over to come to her office.

The DSS took us to their office and we made our statement there. The DSS said they would contact us later, that they are going to investigate this result to know where it came from. “Instead of them (JAMB) to wait for the investigation to be over, they posted that I forged without confirming. I’m really really sad about it,” she stated. She added that being a brilliant student from her primary school days, she could not have forged the JAMB result just to impress anybody.

Watch the video here.

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