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Kehinde Shogunle’s plan to destabilize Labour Party has been exposed.

News ToGo learned that a gubernatorial aspirant of the Labour Party, Kehinde Shogunle who is being led by a known political wheeler dealer, Wale Okunniyi, and whose relationship with is now estranged, has been discovered to be the arrow head of the crisis rocking the Labour Party in Ogun State due to their penchant for ostensive underhand deals and backstabbing politics.

He, Kehinde Shogunle has walked the path of infamy with his lackluster leadership style, his habit of vendetta politics and divide and rule while hiding behind the façade of honesty and being Born Again.

Rather than galvanise the party and sue for peace, Kehinde Shogunle alongside Doyin Okupe and Wale Okunniyi started the crisis with a bid to takeover the party from a validly elected exco, which has been the catalyst of the crisis currently rocking and engulfing the National Body.

Kehinde Shogunle’s continuous fueling of the crisis within the party playing the script of his pay master and principal, who was a former governor of the state. It was this Ex-Governor that instructed Mr Shogunle to align with Ladi Adebutu of the PDP, after Kehinde Shogunle’s unsuccessful bid to cut a deal with the incumbent governor of the state faltered with the aim of further destabilizing the Labour Party which he rumoured to leave should the PDP win their case at the tribunal.

Our source said, “Kehinde Sogunle collected 230 million naira in tranches wherewith he bribed some party stakeholders to curry their loyalty and endorse his infamy. This did not go down well with stakeholders including candidates who called him out to declare the amount he collected from the PDP after information leaked that he denied ever cutting a deal with PDP”.

The source further said “the worst part is that he hardly mobilised anybody for the Adebutu campaign. A meeting of LP stakeholders to meet with Hon Ladi Adebutu was put together and that was the last of it. LGA chairman, Support groups, etc were not mobilised for the task he collected funds for. Instead, it was handled by candidates last minute, who had a separate agreement with Honorable Adebutu. KS scammed Ladi and his family”.

Meanwhile, he could be described as a political gambler whose only survival means was on political proceeds which he displayed by purchasing a prado jeep from the proceeds of the 230 million naira received from the PDP.

Kehinde Shogunle also attempted to capitalise on a Obidient movement by attempting to hijack the leadership of support groups who were the major drivers of the campaign.

Our source gathered that; Mr. Shogunle did not print a single poster, banner, billboard nor was anything done for his campaign or that of Peter Obi.

He, Kehinde Shogunle only began printing a few posters as soon as campaign funds from Peter Obi got to him.

As an aspirant or a candidate, Kehinde Shogunle was expected to run campaigns in all of the 3 senatorial districts and the 20 Local Governments in the state. Yet, he was seen only in Abeokuta with a few meetings put together for him by religious groups and party. He refused to entrench the work of support groups by campaigning across the state.

Fast forward to the election proper; the acts of Kehinde Shogunle and the Party Caretaker committee chairman, Lookman Jagun greatly affected the outcomes of the election and it was revealed that they hoarded election materials and also embezzled welfare packages for polling units agents across the state. These they confessed when party leaders and members accosted them.

Little wonder why the party performed woefully in Ogun State both at the presidential and other elections?

This has begged for the question. What exactly did Kehinde Shogunle do to support or promote the ObiDatti campaign in Ogun State?

The answer is obvious even to the blind and distant. NOTHING. And this is why he is seen as an opportunist in the party. One who aims to reap where he did not sow.

It is therefore safe to say that, he lacks the integrity, goodwill and legitimacy to parade himself as a leader in the party.


BREAKING: Tinubu’s Minister Who Collapsed During Screening Reveals Why



BREAKING: Tinubu's Minister Who Collapsed During Screening Reveals Why

Tinubu’s Minister who collapsed during Senate screening has revealed why it happened.

News ToGo reports that Abbas Balarabe, the newly confirmed Minister from Kaduna State, has clarified the reason behind his collapse during his Senate screening. He explained that his fainting spell was due to sheer exhaustion as he had been informed of his nomination just the previous day and stayed awake all night preparing for the screening.

Overwhelmed by the workload and lack of rest, he slumped during the session. He expressed his gratitude to the Senate, especially the senators from his state, Kaduna, for their understanding and support. Balarabe assured everyone that he was now in good health, emphasizing that his collapse was solely due to exhaustion and nothing more.

Earlier during his screening, the nominee, who had replaced former Kaduna state governor Nasir El-Rufai, had suddenly collapsed, causing a temporary commotion in the Senate.

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BREAKING: Tinubu Makes New Appointments (FULL LIST)



BREAKING: Tinubu Makes New Appointments (FULL LIST)

President Bola Tinubu has appointed three new persons.

He wrote a letter to the Nigerian Senate to confirm the appointees as required by the constitution.

READ ALSO: CSU Finally Releases Tinubu’s Record, Gender Raises Doubt

The new ministerial appointees by Tinubu are:
1. DR Jamila Bio
2. Balarebe Abbas and
3. Olawale Olawande.

The President had appoint over 40 Ministers before now making him the first Nigerian President with the highest number of Ministers. With the appointment of the three persons, the number of his Ministers would be around 50- a number no past President had matched.

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BREAKING: CSU Finally Releases Tinubu’s Record, Gender Raises Doubt



BREAKING: CSU Finally Releases Tinubu's Record, Gender Reads Female

CSU has finally released Tinubu’s records.

News ToGo learned that Chicago State University (CSU) has complied with a court order to release the academic records of President Bola Tinubu, as requested by Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the recent elections.

Following a directive from the US district court for the northern district of Illinois over the weekend, CSU provided the requested academic records.

TheCable reports that the university confirmed that the format of the certificate in question matched Tinubu’s replacement dated June 27, 1997. However, the gender raises doubt. This is because Tinubu filled ”Male” and the university in the new document addressed him as ”Mr”, but some transcripts reportedly show ”F” which suggests ”Female”. This raises doubt in the issue.

However, Atiku and his legal team are following up on the issue after alleging serious discrepancies in Tinubu’s academic records. They also claim that those inconsistencies will help them prove that he was not fit to contest for President of Nigeria.

Recall that Tinubu made serious effort to block the release of his records but the US courts ruled in Atiku’s favour. Atiku and his legal team will now go ahead to prove their case concerning the inconsistencies they discovered.

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