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Malami Blasts Governors Over $418 Million, Says Their Complaints Baseless



Malami Accused Of Plotting To Unlawfully Extradite Nigerian Citizen To US

Malami has blasted Nigerian Governors over $418 million, says that their complaints is baseless.

News ToGo learnt that as the controversies surrounding the Paris Club Refund continue, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami carpeted State Governors and accused them of crying over milk they had already spilt.

Malami said the Governors were not in a position to complain about deductions from the Paris Club refund because they collectively hired consultants who aided the refunds.

The Minister said this on Thursday, when he was featured at the Ministerial Media Briefing organized by the Presidential Communications Team at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said the governors acting as state chief executives created the debt liability whose payment they have also indemnified.

Addressing the controversy caused by the recent deductions made from the refund, the Minister affirmed that when the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) asked for refunds, one of the components was the settlement of the consultants who were engaged by the forum.

Malami recalled that when the refund was paid to the states, part payments were also made to the consultants.

However, he said the governors later decided to stop payment while asking for an out-of-court settlement.

The Minister said this resulted in requests to the President to make the payment, a request he said, was then passed on to the Office of the AGF for a legal opinion.

Malami noted that after being subjected to necessary checks, it was found that there was no element of fraud involved.

He explained that the indemnity of the governors was also sought and received.

“On the issue of Paris club that is raised. You mentioned that there exists a presidential directive that payments should not be made and then in breach of that position payments were perhaps arising from the conspiracy between the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice.

” I think you need to be informed first, as to the antecedents, prevailing circumstances and how the liability arose but one thing I’m happy to state, which I want to reiterate having stated same earlier, is the fact that the Office of the Attorney General and the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has not indeed incurred any major judgment debt for the period of seven years it has been on.

“Now, coming to the antecedents background of the Paris Club. The liability or judgement debts related to Paris Club were indeed a liability created by the governor’s forum in their own right.

“How do I mean? The Governor’s forum comprising of all the governors sat down and commonly agreed on the engagement of a consultant to provide certain services for them relating to the recovery of the Paris Club. So, it was the governor’s forum under the federal government in the first place that engaged the consultant.

“Two, when eventually, successes were recorded associated with the refund, associated with Paris Club, the governors collectively and individually presented a request to the federal government for the fund. And among the components of the claim presented for the consideration of the federal government was a component related to the payment of these consultants that are now constituting the subject of contention. So the implication of that is that the governors in their own right recognized the consultant, recognized their claim and presented such claims to the federal government.

“Three, when the claims were eventually processed and paid to the governor’s forum. They indeed on their own, without the intervention of the federal government took steps to make part payments to the consultants, acknowledging their liability over same.

“When eventually they made such payments at a point they took a decision to stop the payment. The consultants instituted an action in court against the Governor’s forum and what happened in court? They submitted to consent judgment. They asked and urged the Court to allow them to settle out of court.

“The court granted them an opportunity to settle. They commit terms of settlement in writing, they signed the terms of the settlement, agreeing and conceding that such payments be made to the consultant.

And then five, thereafter, the federal government under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was requested to comply with the judgment and effect payment. The President passed all the requests of the governess to the Office of the Attorney General for consideration. I suggested to the President on the face value of the judgment and the undertones associated with the consultancy services.

“It was my opinion, the same treatment we meted to P&ID, that let us subject this claim, the consent judgment to investigations by the agencies of the government. Mr. President approved, I directed the EFCC and DSS to look into these claims and report back to the office of the Attorney General. And these agencies reported and concluded that there are no problems associated with it. The government may continue to sanction the payment dependent. Now, that was the background.

“Even at that, we took further steps after receiving these reports from the EFCC among others, to demand indemnity from the governors. You, as a forum, you incurred this liability, as a forum you submitted to consent judgment.

” We have subjected these claims to investigation and we have a report, but even at that, we need independent indemnity from you, establishing that it is with your consent and understanding that these payments should be made, in writing. And I’m happy to report to you that the governors individually and collectively provided the desired indemnity to the Office of the Attorney General, conceding, agreeing and submitting, that the payment should be made.

“Yes, and that was the ground and the basis on which we eventually took a decision by advising the president that the payment should be made. And then along the line, there was a change of leadership in the governor’s forum. And all the noise-making that is now being generated arising from the governor’s forum is not only unjustified but indeed, a clear case of absence of defence.

“But one other point of interest you may wish to note is the fact that the new leadership of the governor’s forum instituted an action, even when the federal government was indeed acting on the basis of the judgment of the Supreme Court.

“They now embarked on a fresh legal suit, challenging the payment, challenging the previous agreement, challenging the indemnity and the court dismissed the application. Their case was dismissed by the Federal High Court.

“So that is the foundation and I’m happy to report one, that the judgment and contention was a judgment that was obtained long before the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami came into office, long before the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari came into office.

“It was a product of their own doing and they had it is submitted to judicial proceeding, judgment was entered against them. They have committed to the payment of the money, they have on their own indeed effected part payment. I closed my case and I will not like to answer any further questions on that, ” Malami told reporters at the event.


Massive Crowd As Mohbad’s Candlelight Procession Begins (LIVE VIDEO)



Massive Crowd As Mohbad's Candlelight Procession Begins (LIVE VIDEO)

Massive crowd and heavy gridlock characterise the candlelight procession in honour of Mohbad.

News ToGo reports that the candlelight procession is currently underway in Lagos State to pay tribute to the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad. It began at the Lekki Phase 1 gate and is scheduled to conclude at Muri Okunola Park, where a tribute concert will be held in his honor.

Devoted fans and well-wishers of the late singer have gathered at the Lekki gate. They are marching with heartfelt songs and carrying posters and banners adorned with his images. Adequate security has been provided by the police to ensure the safety of the event.

Mohbad’s untimely passing has sparked widespread concerns, leading the Lagos Police Command to conduct an autopsy. The police, in collaboration with healthcare professionals, carried out the exhumation of Mohbad’s body in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the exhumation.

The 27-year-old singer had passed away on September 12, 2023. He was laid to rest in Ikorodu, Lagos State, the following day. His sudden demise led to various speculations, with some Nigerians pointing fingers at his former boss, Naira Marley, and music promoter, Sam Larry, as potential culprits.

In response to public outcry, Nigerians have called for justice, with protests erupting in Lagos, Ogun, and other parts of the country, demanding that the police investigate his death thoroughly.

The acting Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, ordered a forensic investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s death.

In compliance with the IGP’s directive, the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Idowu Owohunwa, formed a specialized team. The team included a pathologist, to exhume the body and conduct a comprehensive investigation into the singer’s demise.

Watch the video here

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Drama As Deeper Life Pastor Dumps Ministry Over Kumuyi’s Support For Tinubu



Drama As Deeper Life Pastor Dumps Ministry Over Kumuyi's Support For Tinubu

Deeper Life pastor has dumped his ministry over Kumuyi’s support for Tinubu.

News ToGo reports that Ogueze Venitius Chinyerugo, a pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church located on Nnobi Road in Nnewi, Anambra State, has tendered his resignation from his role as district pastor of the church. This decision is a result of what he perceives as the general superintendent and church head, William Kumuyi, endorsing President Bola Tinubu’s government, as evidenced by recent comments regarding the administration.

In a letter dated August 23, 2023, Chinyerugo expressed his deep concerns and announced his resignation due to a viral video in which the church’s general superintendent ventured into politics by expressing support for the Tinubu administration, which Chinyerugo believed had caused hardships for Nigerians.

Chinyerugo’s resignation letter, addressed to the regional overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church, explained his decision. He mentioned feeling devastated, humiliated, and disappointed after witnessing the video where Kumuyi urged Nigerians to support the government and its ministers based on their alleged past performance.

He highlighted that Kumuyi’s past teachings had emphasized staying clear of political matters, and his recent involvement in endorsing the current administration contradicted those principles. Chinyerugo pointed out that Kumuyi had also made a controversial visit to then-President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Furthermore, Chinyerugo questioned the moral basis for the administration to fight corruption and the quality of the ministers in the government. He expressed his disappointment and concern for the church’s reputation in the face of public criticism.

Chinyerugo concluded by emphasizing the need for leaders to be righteous and God-fearing, as outlined in 2 Samuel 23:3. He suggested that supporting leaders should be conditional on their righteousness and a legitimate mandate, rather than mere prayers for their transformation.

He stated his intention to share this message through social media channels if it doesn’t reach Kumuyi through official channels, unless Kumuyi addresses the concerns raised.

Chinyerugo’s resignation reflects his personal beliefs and convictions regarding the church’s stance on political matters and its alignment with specific political figures and administrations.

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BREAKING: FG Hikes Prices Of Electricity Meters Across Nigeria



BREAKING: FG Hikes Prices Of Electricity Meters Across Nigeria

FG has hiked the prices of electricity meters across Nigeria.

News ToGo reports that the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has given the green light to an upward adjustment in the pricing of prepaid electricity meters across the nation.

In a circular dated September 5, 2023, jointly signed by Sanusi Garba, the Chairman of the Commission, and Dafe Akpeneye, the Commissioner for Legal Affairs, Licensing, and Compliance, it was declared that the cost of a single-phase prepaid meter would now be N81,975.16k, up from the previous price of N58,661.69k. Similarly, the price of three-phase prepaid meters has been revised to N143,836.10k from N109,684.36k.

The circular explained that this price revision was implemented to establish equitable and just meter pricing for both Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) and end-users. Its objectives include ensuring that MAPs can recoup reasonable expenses related to meter procurement and maintenance while maintaining a viable return on investment.

Additionally, the adjustment aims to evaluate the affordability of meter services for consumers to prevent excessive pricing that may overburden end-users. It also intends to guarantee that MAPs can furnish meters to end-users in light of the current economic conditions.

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